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Denver's Golf Instruction Leader - Trent Wearner Golf

 Dedicated Coaching ... Quality Results              

Welcome to Trent Wearner Golf. Trent is the author of a popular book titled Golf Scrimmages and is rated the #1 Teacher in Colorado by his peers as published in Golf Digest Magazine. He and his staff coach people of all ages and abilities at their top golf coaching facility which is open to the public and located at the Meridian Golf Learning Center in Denver, Colorado.

Our dedication to your game and ability to speak your language is why we've grown into having the region's top golf academy. We adapt to you and your learning style. We change, you improve!  

           There's A Difference!

Our state-of-the-art technologies, award-winning practice facility and the most respected staff make for the best environment for learning. And you will learn where the game is played ... outdoors. While there can be some benefit to indoor instruction it should be on a short-term basis as learning to test your technique outside is a vital step in your ability to take your game to the course. Mechanics are only one piece of sound instruction and indoor facilities are limited to only offering mechanical information and mostly only on the full swing. And when it comes to investing in a club fit, the only way to get fit properly is to do it outside with top-of-the-line launch and putting monitors and a fitting expert all of which are on staff at TWGA. To read more on TWGA's Philosophy, click here.

Experience golf instruction that encompasses the entire game and focuses on you, all in a realistic setting.  Dedicated Coaching ... Quality Results


Learn How to Take Your Game to the Course!

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